1. Orders according to the customer's design
In our workshop, we make individual orders according to the customer's design. In the "Satisfied Dreams" gallery you can see some photos of jewelry that we made to order. If you would like to order jewelry according to your own idea, please send us a photo, design or a detailed description of the ordered jewelry. Please also provide the following details:
- type of material (gold, silver)
- dimensions (length, width, thickness)
- type, color of stones, if any
Of course, we always provide professional advice, our designer can help you create your project.
We set the price based on the data provided. After determining all the details, you decide whether to order jewelry. For individual orders, an advance payment is required (determined individually depending on the amount of the order). Individual orders are processed only upon payment to the account, it is not possible to pay on delivery

2. Engraving
You can engrave texts, dedications or ready-made themes. Not all jewelry can be engraved.
- 1 letter - PLN 4
- decorative motifs - the price is set individually, depending on the size and difficulty of the engraved motif.
An engraving payment is required for the engraving service. In case of cancellation of orders, the engraving costs are not refundable

3. Changes in the products offered in our store
It is possible to introduce changes to our products, for example: changing the triangular pendant on a circle, hooks at earrings to other, etc. To find out if there is a possibility of changing the product, please contact us by email. Some changes may affect the price of the product.

4. Change of color and type of stones
It is possible to change the color of zircon in products offered in our store. Since we depend on suppliers, it may happen that we will not be able to import the stone in the right color. Therefore, when changing the color, we will contact you to verify availability.
Changing the color of cubic zirconia in the selected product from our offer does not affect the price of the product, but may affect the extension of the delivery period.
The price of the product is affected by a change in the type of stones, i.e. the exchange of zircons for precious and natural stones.